Bank Manager Stole to Feed Online Gambling Addiction

Bank Manager Stole to Feed Online Gambling Addiction

A former bank manager accused of embezzlement to fuel online gambling addiction stole from customers and her elderly parents it has been revealed.


Doris Stroud Renegar, the 56 year old former branch manager of the Piedmont Bank, Statesville, North Carolina has been indicted in a US District Court on a series of charges including embezzlement by an employee of the bank and identity theft. Court documents have indicated that during years, Renegar had stolen the identities of several customers of the bank where she worked with which she secured a series of loans to raise extra money. She is similarly accused of debiting the accounts of several of the bank’s customers and taking a total of $112,000 from certificates of deposit belonging to her own parents.


Federal prosecutors have indicated that the defendant stole a total of over $270,000 from her parents as well as customers of the bank. They contend Renegar was suffering from addiction to online gambling from May until June, when she was eventually fired from her job at the bank.


Court papers indicate that Renegar illegally used the certificates of deposit belonging to her parents in order to obtain money for gambling. She also redirected bank statements of customers to a local post office box address while arranging to send out alternative papers to her parents.


Her attorney has said that his client deeply regrets her actions during this time and plans to plead guilty to the charges. She could face up to a total of 32 years in jail for the charges.


This is an unfortunate case of a gambler who went too far and thought she could cover her tracks by stealing from customers of her employers as well as members of her own family. It is difficult to understand what is going through the mind of someone who is prepared to go so far to feed a gambling habit. It is as though they actually believe they will get away with it and no one will notice the missing money.


Perhaps they forget the gambler’s motto that you should only gamble with money that you can afford to lose. Maybe that should be expanded a little to include only gambling with your own money that you can afford to lose.